July 23 - 28


Come join us, in the beautiful landscape of Tokalynga, for a workshop in street performance lead by Teatro Nucleo (Italy) in collaboration with Teater Albatross (Sweden) and Nordiskt Ljus!

Get ready for intense days of joy and play!

We will be working on the proposals of each participant in order to build a street character or a small performance to experiment with. The first part of the program will be dedicated to physical, musical and vocal training, useful for establishing a code between the director and the performer, and between the performer and the audience. The second part will cover improvisation as a creative tool. The third part will be dedicated to the research and work on each ones proposal, trying it out in different spaces – small space, big space, forest, street etc.

Previous knowledge: Professionals in the performing arts/artist currently in education: actors, circus artists, dancers, performance artists etc.

Language: The workshop will be given in English.

OBS! Different time and location from Nordiskt Ljus course program!!

Where? Tokalynga teaterakademi, Gunnarp 403, 311 51 Ätran, Halland

When:  July 23 - 28

(The workshop begins on the evening of the 23th with a warm welcome, followed by a dinner altogether. It ends on Sunday midday)

Price: 2000 SEK

The price includes 3 meals a day, of delicious fresh vegetarian food + lodging at Tokalynga Teaterakademi, basic youth hostel standard in single or shared rooms.

Course leaders: Marco Luciano and Veronica Ragusa (IT) 

Assisted by Robert Jakobsson, Teater Albatross

Marco Luciano has been a director and trainer in Teatro Nucleo since 2015, with a degree in Philology from the Federico II University of Naples. His career in theatre started at a very early age, performing a number of Commedia dell'Arte plays in the streets of Naples and in the neighbourhood, studying the characters of Pulcinella, the Captain, Doctor Balanzone and more. For Teatro Nucleo he has directed several open spaces shows, including: "P.O.P. Piccola Orchestra Pasolini" (2022) and "The Language of Flowers" (2023). He's also the director and author of "Fugue in Minor Me", an intimate musical show that sees Veronica Ragusa, actress in Teatro Nucleo, on stage. Moreover he directs the Theatre-in-Jail permanent workshop inside the city jail of Ferrara, the city where Teatro Nucleo has its seats since 1978. In this frame, together with the actors/inmates, he created the web-series "Album di Famiglia"(2020), entirely filmed into the jail, the shows "Agnus Dei"(2022) and "Fegato"(2023). He coordinates the "Pataschool", the only training school for theatre operators in jail in Italy, and the path "Soul Athletes", that every two year welcomes the new actors and actresses of Teatro Nucleo.

Veronica Ragusa is an actress and pedagog in Teatro Nucleo since 2015. Previously, she has been studying circus and physical theatre and she has been working as an independent street artist all over Europe since 2009. She's has a degree from the Music, Art and Performance Department at the University of Turin, where she's also been studying Jazz Singing at the Teatro Regio School. She has performed in every play by Teatro Nucleo since her arrival: "Eretica", "Qinà Shemor", "P.O.P. Piccola Orchestra Pasolini", "Fugue in Minor Me", for the direction of Marco Luciano, "Il Tempo del Canto", directed by Cora Herrendorf. She teaches singing in the permanent Theatre-in-Jail Workshop that Teatro Nucleo established in 2005 in Ferrara's city prison, in the path "Soul Athletes", for teenagers, children and adults in pedagogic project addressed to non professionals, in social contexts at a local, national and international level.

Robert Jakobsson led Teater Albatross's street play "HOLY!", firstly from 1998 to 2000, and then we staged the play again in 2014-2015. HOLY! talked about the Holocaust. We worked with physical theatre, fire, large sculptures, singing, etc. It was a privilege to travel around the world with this production. During that time, I also worked a lot on burying people in the ground. It's incredible to "see the ground come to life". I will assist Veronica and Marco. 

Feel free to watch this clip HELIG!  

About Teater Nuclo

Since 1978 Teatro Nucleo has brought i's "Open Spaces Theatre" shows all around the world, aiming at reaching all the possible audiences, choosing to work in unconventional and urban spaces. This attitude, as the company grew and achieved experience has become a practice, a pedagogy, that they try to spread in each of our activities and whenever possible.

About Tokalynga Teaterakademi

Tokalynga is a large old school house in a small village in Halland near the Ätran River. For over 30 years it has been the home of Teater Albatross, with a theatre stage, rehearsal space, workshop, kitchen, common area and several bedrooms. Welcome to a place full of art and creativity! The village is small and quiet with a lot of fields and forest nearby, and good roads and paths for walking. It is possible to swim in the nearby river and in several lakes. The nearest shop and bus stop is in Ätran, 4km away.

How to get here?

The closest train stations are in Falkenberg och in Kinnared. The closest busstation is in Ätran. We can pick you up by car from Kinnared train station or Ätran . To get from Falkenberg to Ätran: Falkenberg > bus to Ullared > bus to Ätran.

If you have any questions, please call Teater Albatross at +46 730 27 76 60.