June 24 - July 14, 2024

"Thank you for everything, you give me faith in folk education and folk high school when I sometimes have doubts. Cheers to you! Cheers to us!"

"Extremely welcoming environment, beautiful scenery, and a very nice mix of people from different places in the Nordics who took different courses/were residency participants. I sincerely hope that Nordiskt Ljus can continue, as I, along with many others, think it is a unique oasis for artistic desire and activity."

"Even in the mealtimes the conversation often continued. Listenings to people ideas, dreams and fascinations during has been the most touching thing about the residency - also the other way around, that people were truly interested in my work. Sharing my practice with multiple people in multible conversation during meal times has also sharpened my way of formulating it. Wauw. I have felt so seen and loved."

"It's been like being on retreat, such a restful place to be, with the nature reserve around the corner. Much appreciated by everyone who stayed the whole month that we got to stay in the same house!"

NORDISKT LJUS is arranged by Nordiska Folkhögskolan that each year welcomes students from several Nordic countries. The school has course specializations in film, photography, theatre, image, writing and music as well as related general courses.

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