keskeneräisen toivon vallassa //in the midst of unfinished hope


Residency showcase 

By Sanna Hirvonen in collaboration with Anna Jarosz

"Dungtitled (In a Major)" by Stars of the Lid This solo work-in-progress is a part of the artist's ongoing research that circles around the question of how to live well on the damaged Earth. The methodologies of the research culminate in the movement practice that combines voicing, poetry, and improvisation based on movement qualities in an attempt to map out the many powerful vulnerabilities that reside in these becoming futures. Recognising where they are rooted in, where they are growing from, is an act of looking closely at the foundation of the present moment. The work made in the course of the four-week residency imagines hope as a radical force that is able to resist in a delicate yet inevitable manner - it examines how the radical hope drips through the muscles like thawing soil, boils in the core, bursting, and how it finds its joy and strength through the metaphorical spring that grows after every winter. Hope becomes a lifeline, an instrument for change that stems not from panic and disorder but from staying with the troubles of living on a damaged yet powerful planet. The solo is an attempt to embody this force; to find hope in the corporeal imaginations.

12:30 Yggdrasil, Stora Salen.