Rotten Sounds

Preliminary visual notes or a conceptual map

Anna Jarosz 
Sound composition by Alina Koivula
Performed by Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen

Rotten Sounds is a sketchbook for a continuous research around intergenerational trauma, a result of a month-long residency at Nordisk Ljus. It is part of an ongoing project 'Tender Forms' (2020-ongoing). The work takes the symbols of the unconscious, sometimes violent rituals and habits that structure everyday life and places them in a timeless land. Imagining the lives, the politics, the relationships that carried out inside of those semi-fictional places between generations. The anthropomorphic silhouette performed by Sanna Josefiina Hirvonen captures the stigma of a body wounded by external forces. The body becomes an entity trapped in unconscious act of social landscape and chaotic absence of tenderness. The installation is a circular storyline that represents the journey of trauma throughout generations. The passage through sexuality, feminisms, transposing strength and vulnerability, but also a spiritual connection of divine feminine.

Anna Jarosz is a Polish visual artist, recently graduated from Valand Academy in Gothenburg, Sweden with a MFA in Fine Art Photography following previous studies at FAMU in Prague, Czech Republic. Her main focus of interest is gendered trauma and abjected bodies. By investigating these issues through the lens of still and moving camera but also by building spatial installations that combine sculptural objects, sound, video and other media, she focuses on trauma, trauma being a very personal experience to an individual or as a collective experience shared by many. She uses art as a tool to reverse socially constructed terminologies of gender and norms by emphasising the objectification of bodies (often in the context of her own experiences, social background and nationality). She touches upon the general obsession of gendered bodies and the unspoken weaknesses that are so often connected to the alienation of different kinds. Inspired by contemporary feminist thought, existentialist philosophy and psychoanalysis, she looks into deep aspects of trauma. She exhibited her work and took part in residencies internationally in Austria, Czech Republic, England, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Lithuania, Peru, Poland, Serbia, Sweden, Wales.