July 17 - 21

Welcome to a five-day course in viewpoints and ensemble-driven, physical improvisation. Using viewpoints suits you as an actor or stage artist who wants to develop your physical listening and presence, the ability to observe and express, and the creation in a group.

Viewpoints is a technique that originated in the modern dance world and was later adopted by the actor and director Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, New York. The nine viewpoints are used for ensemble building, to create awareness and dynamics on stage.

"The nine viewpoints of space and time are components that always are present in stage performances - with focus they can be more (or less) prominent and shape the ensembles and individual's work. Particular viewpoints will be the springboard for group devising work. Viewpoints of space; spatial relationship, shape, gesture, architecture, topography Viewpoints of time; tempo, duration, kinesthetic response (impulse), repetition"

Arrangement: During the course, you will be introduced to viewpoints and how they can be practically used on stage. You work with devising in small groups and by selecting different viewpoints you are inspired to create small scenes and smaller theater works.

Previous knowledge: The course is suitable for those who have experience in theatre/acting from folk high school, university or equivalent practical experience.

Bring: Comfortable clothes

Date: July 17 - 21 (5 days)

Language: Swedish, English


Course fee single course- SEK 550 (low-income earners SEK 350)

Course combo - SEK 850 (low-income earners SEK 550)

*If you are a student, job seeker or other low-income earner, use the code NL23 when you book your courses and accommodation

Course leader: Annie Thorold (SE)

Annie Thorold is an actor and theatre creator who has been working in Sweden, Australia, and Canada. She studied theatre at Wendelsbergs folkhögskola and has a Bachelor of Performance from the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), Sydney. At AIM Viewpoints was frequently used during the ensemble and movements training. After graduating Annie has continued her training and praxis of Viewpoints and physical theatre work, eg. a course with Chopt Logics in Sydney, an exploration project with Scenkonskompaniet Viva in Stockholm, a workshop with Anne Jonson via Kulturalliansen, Göteborg. Annie has used viewpoints while developing and rehearsing shows eg. The Yellow Wallpaper (La Mama Theatre Melbourne and Vancouver Fringe)