NORDIC LIGHT is a meeting place and cultural explosion for art and cultural practitioners in the Nordic region

NORDIC LIGHT is a creative counterforce to the far-right movements that claim the Nordic concept

NORDIG LIGHT is organized at and by Nordiska folkhögskolan with programs including summer courses and artistic residencies.

NORDIC LIGHT has occupied Nordiska folkhogskolan in Kungälv for a few weeks every summer since 2021 with cross-art summer courses, art residencys and festival weekend. With NORDIC LIGHT, we want to offer a forum for people to learn new things, develop already existing knowledge and work with their own artistic processes.


Around the Nordic countries and Europe, far-right forces are gaining more and more ground, where they often lay claim to the Nordic concept. We want to counteract that development! We believe that the Nordic concept can be used to contribute to meetings, understanding and insights into the world at large. We also believe that the creative encounter between people is one of the best remedies for divisions and conflicts - and that public education plays a central role in this.

Our course program is designed with the vision of inviting exciting course leaders from all over the Nordics who all pursue artistic or social development in different ways. We want the program to be both educational and continuing, and to offer a place that both opens up the opportunity to try a new art form and to have the opportunity to deepen artistic creation.

The residency aims to provide space for Nordic meetings and contribute to artistic development in the region. By offering artists from different fields to come and work on their own projects, participate in courses and show their work publicly, we want to be involved and contribute to a holistic view of artistic development where different fields can work together and artists can work and live side by side page.


Nordiska folkhögskolan is located in Kungälv and welcomes students from several Nordic countries every year. The school has course specializations in film, photography, theatre, image, writing and music as well as general courses that grant qualifications. Currently, approximately 200 students study at the school.

The school was founded in 1947 and the background was to create a meeting place for young people where they could meet across national, social and opinion boundaries after a time of war, totalitarian regimes and closed borders in the Nordics and Europe.

NORDISKT LJUS is arranged by Nordiska Folkhögskolan that each year welcomes students from several Nordic countries. The school has course specializations in film, photography, theatre, image, writing and music as well as related general courses.

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