SONG BEYOND MUSIC - Ulrik Barfod/Center Roy Hart 


July 10 - 14 

Sing outside a musical framework and feel your existence through sound! The course is open to everyone and focuses on the basic elements of Roy Hart Theater voice work:

- Development of vocal potential.

- Theatrical and musical improvisations.

- Individual work in small groups.

- Breathing and physical exercises to prepare the body for singing.

- The art of listening to others and oneself.

- Searches for the dynamic sound sources

We will do physical exercises to prepare the body to sing and seek the dynamic sound sources as well as research and development of each participant's unique vocal potential. The connection between voice and movement will be emphasized.

The work also means listening to yourself and others attentively. This requires concentration and the ability to identify with the efforts of others. In this way, we support each other's progress during both individual work and group work.

Arrangements: The workshop focuses on the development of vocal potential, sound and body improvisations, individual work in small groups, breathing and physical exercises to prepare the body to sing, the art of listening to others and oneself, to search for the dynamic sources of sound.

Previous knowledge: No prior knowledge is required

Bring: Casual clothing to allow you to move freely.

Date: July 10 - 14  (5 days)

Languages: Danish, French, English. Understands Swedish.


Course fee single course- SEK 550 (low-income earners SEK 350)

Course package - SEK 850 (low-income earners SEK 550)

*If you are a student, job seeker or other low-income earner, use the code NL23 when you book

Course leader: Ulrik Barfod (DK)

Ulrik's work is built around respect for each person's expression. There is a clear focus on the already existing connection between voice and movement. His listening and observation of the participants, the relationship with time each one faces and his soft determination is much appreciated by the students.

"We must all find the sources of creativity within ourselves - not from others. Each person is unique and the deepest master of himself."