July 4-29 

Our course "Individual artistic project" is suitable for you who wants to work with your own project throughout the month. You get access to workrooms, guidance and a context where you can realize an idea you have. There are desk spaces, studio spaces, classrooms, libraries, sound recording rooms, computer programs and more. Theres also blackboxes and movement studios, but there is a little higher pressure on those.

One month before the start of the course, you need to send in a project idea of ​​about 1 A4 page where you describe what you will be working on during the month. You will receive more info about this via email closer to course start. 

Previous knowledge: You need to have the ability to run your project independently.

You can choose how many days you want to be at campus, but it is mandatory to attend on July 4 to get a tour of the area and to meet the supervisors Svante and Theo.

Cost: The course fee is SEK 500 regular or SEK 300 discount. 

Enter the promotion code NL22 to access the discount (applies to you who are a student, unemployed or low-income earner).

You book any number of days at the school, or the whole month if you want (SEK 7,900 / SEK 5,500 including food).

Supervisor: Svante Grogarn (SE)

Svante Grogarn is deputy principal and leads the acting education at the Nordic Folk High School. Svante has a background as a director and set designer and has worked in a variety of contexts, in Sweden and internationally, in independent groups and at institutions. He has taught at the Gothenburg Theater Academy, the Gothenburg Academy of Music, Valand Academy of the Arts, the School of Design and Crafts.

Supervisor: Theodor Ryan (SE)

Theodor Ryan is educated in Conceptual Performing Arts at Malmö Theater Academy. 

They has an interest in what artistic processes can look like and often works playfully with technology and different media on stage.