July 10 - 14 

Do you want to make a film about your activism? Or explore how, using the language of the film, you can help create social change?

Film can be used as a medium that can create movements in society in many different ways. In this course we therefore focus on what you are passionate about, who you are making a film for and how the film can be used as activism. Filmmaker Aka Hansen teaches based on her experiences as a feminist, indigenous people, activist, mother and woman in the film world. Come and participate in a course where we create a safe space where we can develop both our activism and our filmmaking.

Arrangement: During the week we watch relevant films, discuss them, talk about activism and do small exercises that kick start your creativity and filmmaking.

Previous knowledge: The course is for those who want to become more active in their film language. It is not necessary to have experience of making your own film, but it may help if you have some experience of the film language to be able to take the course in the best way.

Bring: Mobile phone or camera, as well as your own computer or iPad

Date: July 10 - 14 (5 days)

Language: English, Danish


Course fee single course- SEK 550 (low-income earners SEK 350)

Course package - SEK 850 (low-income earners SEK 550)

*If you are a student, job seeker or other low-income earner, use the code NL23 when you book

Course leader: Aka Hansen (GL)

Aka is an Inuk filmmaker from Kalaallit Nunaat. She has worked with film and television for 15 years and has been active in the decolonization debate for several years. She studied at the Danish alternative Super16 film school (2015-18) and since 2007 has made several notable film productions in Greenland, such as the youth program "Inuusuttut Silarsuaat" ("Youngsters Universe"), the comedy "Hinnarik Sinnattunilu" and the thriller "Qaqqat Alanngui ". Since 2013, Aka runs her own film production company "Uilu" which works with the goal of producing more stories about indigenous people, about Greenland and its people.