July 8 - 12 (5 days)

In this writing course, we will practise the art of writing very short. Anything can be a story if you want it to be - sometimes even a single sentence. We will get acquainted with the literary genre of flash fiction as well as other forms of narrative short form fiction. Your writing will be the focus of the course as we explore the mechanics of storytelling. The aim of the course is to get you writing without overthinking, and for you to discover a playful side of writing that allows for experimentation, impulse and lightheartedness. We will draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings at Nordiska Folkhögskolan, from readings, creative constraints and observational exercises. To round the course off, we will perform a (voluntary) public group reading at Nordiskt Ljus.

Course set up: The course will be structured around writing prompts and exercises to get you writing. We will read examples of short form fiction to study the potential of this format and to familiarise ourselves with how to talk about writing. You will be sharing your work with the class, and you will leave the course with your own personal collection of texts. There will be opportunities for one-on-one sessions with the teacher as well as a public group reading at Nordiskt Ljus. This will be voluntary. 

Necessary pre-knowledge: This course is for everyone who is curious to discover a new literary format, experiment with tone and genre, learn new writing tools, or just have fun writing! It doesn't matter if you have written a little or a lot, but you have to be prepared to challenge yourself and share your work with the group. 

Language: The course is taught in English, but you can write in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or English.  

Date: July 8 - 12 (5 days)


Course fee single course- SEK 950 (low-income earners SEK 750) including lunch all course days

Course package - SEK 1250 (low-income earners SEK 950) including lunch all course days

*If you are a student, job seeker or other low-income earner, use the code NL24 when you book

Course leader: Randi Lindholm Hansen (DK)

Randi is a Danish script and prose writer. Her work demonstrates a curious fascination of the mundane, human inadequacy and the deadpan nature of existence itself. She examines the world through a microcosmic lens and celebrates the poetry of unlikely connection, the intimate and the peculiar. Randi insists on the small and insignificant, that's where the poignant stories lie. As a reaction to long development processes in the film industry, Randi turns to short form fiction as a welcomed distraction. Like in scriptwriting, short form fiction is all about telling stories using as few words as possible.
Randi is a part of the alternative Danish film school 18Frames and a co-founder of the artist collective Bureau for Listening.