July 13-29 (3+3 days at school)

In the MASTERCLASS course, you work with optional material for a small audience and receive guidance from Svante Grogarn. Each participant is given two opportunities to work. Your material can be lyrics, song or anything else that you have carefully prepared. During the master class, you show your work, and we investigate how it can be developed. As an observer, you may be involved as a party in the work of others. The work is carried out in two blocks with about 45 minutes of work per participant / block. This means that you have the opportunity to continue working between the accounts, and at the second time continue on your first material or show something completely new.


Block 1: 13-15 July, Tuesday-Thursday 16-21

Block 2: July 27-29, Tuesday-Thursday at 4 pm-9pm

Course leader: Svante Grogarn (SE)

Svante Grogarn is deputy rector and leads the acting education at the Nordic Folk High School. Svante has a background as a director and set designer and has worked in a variety of contexts, in Sweden and internationally, in independent groups and at institutions. He has taught at the Gothenburg Theater Academy, the Gothenburg Academy of Music, Valand Academy of the Arts, the School of Design and Crafts.