July 22-30, 4+5 days

Improvisation Field Technique is based on principles of scenic energy fields. IFT gives you increased awareness and understanding of spatial and emotional awareness. The student is trained in finding ways to overcome mental noise, body aches and emotional confusion in order to reach an increased concentration in a receptive state. The student learns to identify and translate physical, emotional and intuitive impulses into character, relationship and situation. IFT is based on deep respect for the learning and research process and we will work in a safe and reliable atmosphere.

First period: 22-25 July (4 days)

Improvisation Field Technique, stage presence and improvised character work.

Second period: 26-30 July (5 days)

Improvisation Field Technique, improvised monologue and voice in improvisation.

Language: Teaching is in English, but the course leader understands both Swedish and Norwegian.

Course leader: Sarah Caroline Kenter (DK)

Sarah Caroline Kenter founded the professional theater ensemble FELT 2014, and has since taught acting and acting students in both Denmark and Sweden. She is a certified reflexologist with educations in anatomy and physiology and an active psychotherapist. She also has a master's degree in theology from the University of Copenhagen. Therefore, body, head, emotions and mind are naturally interconnected in the improvisation method that she has developed. Sarah teaches English, but understands both Swedish and Norwegian, so if you are not comfortable speaking English, it is no problem.

"It is my concern to teach you to let go of the fear of not being entertaining, funny, interesting, clever, or good enough on stage, by introducing Improvisation Field Technique (IFT). IFT focuses on your trust in the imaginary, the intuitive, and also your awareness of body, space, and emotion. "

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