July 30 - August 1, 3 days

QLab is today one of the most widely used programs in the theater industry to drive technology to performances. With the ability to run audio, video projects and lights in the same program, it's easy to get synced cues without having to be multiple driving techniques - making it optimal especially for smaller scenes. In this course, we go through basic parts of QLab's audio, video and lighting functions and provide an insight into the benefits of working with them. During the course we go through how different types of cues work and how to work creatively with them. We also go through how you can structure your workflow and cue lists in different ways to have an overview of the programming.

We go through everything from scratch, so no prior knowledge is required!

Date: July 30 - August 1 (3 days)

Language: Swedish / Danish / English adapted to the course participants.

Course leader: Jesper Berger (SE)

Jesper Berger has worked with light, sound and video technology and design with, among others, Bombina Bombast, Teater Albatross, Teater Sesam and Rymdstationen Scenkonst. Jesper is educated in lighting design at the Danish School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen.