July 12-16, 5 days

Do you have a story you want to convey through photography? Are you interested in how images can be used to tell your or someone else's story? In this course we use photography to create and convey stories, led by the Greenlandic photographer and artist Inuuteq Storch.

During the course you will photograph and work with images to build your story - fictional or real, your own or someone else's. We take part in each other's work and together explore different tools to develop your photographic narrative.

You can bring a story or work you have already started, or develop one during the course. Feel free to bring your own camera or mobile phone. Some cameras are available for loan.

Date: July 12-16 5 days

Language: Adapted to the course participants. The course leader speaks Greenlandic, Danish and English.

Course leader: Inuuteq Storch (GL)

Inuuteq is based in Copenhagen and Sisimiut, Greenland and is trained in photography at Fatamorgana, Denmark and at the International Center of Photography in New York City. His art is often based on untold stories about Greenland and Greenlandic history, with a clear local perspective. His work has been seen in exhibitions in Greenland, Denmark, Canada, Sweden and in the USA. Inuuteq has also published several photo books - see excerpts from his book Porcelain Souls below.

"This book is the first book of a bigger project related to the history that I posses in my soul and dna, Greenlandic history. I realized that the written history of Greenland is mostly written by foreigners and most of the photos taken back then were taken by foreigners. Theoretically, with no other questions, we are receiving the correct information, but like in chemistry, theory and practical exercises will never give the same information, because every situation has a way to loose or gain information in a way that we can not control. This situation is like that too, we can not control another persons fascination and focus when writing about Greenland, we can not tell how the language boundaries changed the relation of what is going on and what is written. We can not control the photographers view and idea what should be included in the photos."

Inuuteq Storch