July 17-21, 5 days

In this workshop we will use the body as a starting point for exploring, embodying and playing with the ultra-masculine. We will draw the stereotypes to the forefront to better understand them and consider them in their extremity. Each participant will have to build their own dragking character who will slowly be born through these three days. We will work a little with mask and suit, but mainly with the body as a tool for transformation. It will be a laboratory where we are not afraid of clichés and dare to use humor as a tool in calling it serious and collectively traumatic. It will in the long run be an exploration of power and an understanding of the choreography that bodies that possess power have.

Date: July 17-21 (weekend + evenings)

Location: Kajskjul 46, Fiskhamnsvägen 43B, in Gothenburg. Nearest stop Chapmans Torg.

Language: Teaching takes place in Swedish or English adapted to the participants' needs


Course leader: Sepideh Khodarami (SE)

Sepideh Khodarahmi is a dancer, choreographer and actor educated at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg, the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam and the Broadway Dance Center in New York. Hen started as a dragking in the vogue community but has continued to work with it in different contexts in different forms. Sensuality, queerness, eroticism and gender are recurring themes in her work that flows between performance, theater and dance. Most recently, Sepideh was current with his solo "blue skies forever" which was played at Grootlab Amsterdam and "Borderlands" a work by Lauri Lohi at Atalante.