Hans-Ole Amossen of Da Bartali Crew is a multi instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer from Greenland. He moves effortlessly in and out of genres as he's a part of both the experimental rock band Torluut and the house/hiphop trio Da Bartali Crew. Last mentioned secured him an underground viral hit on SoundCloud and a video with 500.000 plays on Youtube, that led him to win Koda's Talent Prize and a nomination from Nordisk Ministerråd og Nordisk Råd Music Awards, both in 2019.

KimOJax is a greenlandic rapper who's been active since 2008. He's performed at festivals such as Arctic Sounds Festial, Riddu Riddu Festival, Nuuk Nordisk Festival and during the past month he has done a residency at Nordiskt Ljus.