July 12-Aug 8, 4 weeks

The course is an introduction to dramatic writing, and consists of both teacher-led lessons and own writing time. You who participate will have the opportunity to try writing drama, and develop your own writing project under the guidance of a professional playwright. The course will also introduce different forms of dramatic text, and invite discussions about what really makes a text scenic.

During the first week, lessons in the basics of play writing are interspersed with shorter writing exercises, joint play reading and discussions about different kinds of drama. This is followed by two weeks of own writing work with access to supervision. During the weekend that follows, we will meet for joint text talks, as the work with our own texts continues. The course ends with a reading (for those who want) on August 7 during the festival weekend at NORDISKT LJUS.

The course is aimed at those who have some experience of creative writing, but have not necessarily tried to write drama. You who are applying are curious about dramatic text, and have the ability to run your own writing project for a short time.

Date: July 12 - August 8 (4 weeks)

Initial writing week: July 12-16 (5 days)

Text meeting: July 30-August 1 (3 days)

Reading: 7 August

Language: The course's language of instruction is Swedish, but you who write in English, Norwegian or Danish are also welcome to participate.

Course leader: Manda Stenström (SE)

Manda Stenström is a playwright and playwright, and in recent years has written plays for, among others, Young Stage / East, Estrad Norr and the Riksteatern's LÄNK project. She is currently employed part-time as a playwright for Young Stage / East, at the same time as she writes for Teater Västernorrland. Manda has a degree from the Theater Academy in Malmö's drama program (2011-2014) and has also studied at the Bishop's Arnö Folk High School's drama line.