July 19-23, 5 days

Do you want to develop and strengthen your skills in film editing? Do you have an idea for a film project, but lack the tools for how to best get what you want to tell, told?

In the course "film editing" you practice and develop your skills in cutting film. The course begins with you recording material that you then use to practice your skills in editing. You can also bring material you have since before and work with it during the course. Through lectures interspersed with practical workshops, you develop both your practical knowledge and your artistic eye to cut film so that it fulfills your visions.

Date: July 19-23 (5 days)

Previous knowledge: It is good if you have some experience of making films before, but it is not a requirement. The program Final Cut or Adobe Premiere will be used during the course, but if you have your own computer with your own program, it is also good to bring it.

Course leader: Noko Zaire

Noko Zaire was born and raised in Namibia / South Africa and Germany but has lived with his Swedish wife and daughter in Gothenburg for over ten years. Noko has a four-year TV production education with a focus on camera / editing / directing from the College of the Arts in Namibia. During his final year at film school, he started the production company Pretty Cow Movies, the first production of which was a thirteen-hour documentary series for the national TV channel. Since graduating in 2004, he has worked with a number of documentaries and educational films both for national TV in Namibia, but also internationally for the BBC, ZDF, CNN. Here in Sweden, he has, among other things, worked for SVT's Assignment Review and a number of feature films for cinemas.

For the past three years, he has been working as a film teacher at Mölndals Kulturskola. There he teaches animation, film technology, 360 film and VR film. In parallel, he works with various commissioned assignments - including advertising and educational films, music videos and film workshops.