24 - 30 juli

Nothing is as important and a mean of communication as what we wear on our bodies. Clothes and accessories can express oppression as well as freedom, individuality as well as common, subculture and codes. During this course, we create a free meeting between clothes, style and sculpture.

 Jonas Liveröd, who teaches the course, has himself made many works of art in the borderland between clothes and art and presents inspirational lectures about clothes versus art and we build our own portable works of art. The materials are free, but with a focus on used materials and cross-fertilizing different types of garments is encouraged. The only rule during the course is that the sculpture/collage/assemblage can be worn on the body as if it were a garment! 

Course set up: On the first day, an introduction and inspirational lecture on the subject is held. Then we get started and start sketching and discussing possible layouts with the group. Tuesday morning short inspirational lecture, then the practical work with the sculpture pieces / works begins. The following days have a similar structure, we meet together after breakfast to share thoughts and ideas about how things are going, then some days are followed by an inspirational lecture and then practical work. On Friday, everyone's work is presented as an exhibition as we also talk through how the course and work process was. You can then stay and enjoy the rest of Nordiskt Ljus festival weekend. 

Previous knowledge: None specific. But it's always good to be handy and curious. 

Cost: Course fee single course- SEK 550 (low-income earners SEK 350) Course combo - SEK 850 (low-income earners SEK 550) 

*If you are a student, job seeker or other low-income earner, use the code NL23 when you book

Course leader: Jonas Liveröd (SE)

The artist Jonas Liveröd describes himself as deeply unfaithful to materials. Driven by constant curiosity, he works with the artistry as a total work of art - a total artistry - where all parts fulfill a task, whether it is his role as a collector, lecturer, writer, as an event organizer, his curatorial activities or something from the stream of different kinds of works he produces . . Textile, sculpture, drawing, lecture - the work takes many forms. Jonas lives and works in Ågårdskvarn in Västergötland, where he runs the cross-cultural organization Luftslottet and his own motley museum of the wonderful, called the Liverödska Wunderkammaren. In addition, he runs a public death library built into a hearse, which holds death and funeral-related literature from all over the world. Now he is current with the exhibition When the Circle Closes at Värmlands Museum and his pavilion at Alma Lövs Museum. He also publishes his own artistic lexicon Grand Assembly in the spring in collaboration with the publisher LL Editions. He also collaborates with London-based Tobias Bradford on the stage show Revenge of the Uncanny which premiered in Jakarta, Indonesia recently.