Acting for Climate (SK). Residency participants 2021. 


July 4 - 31

Nordiskt Ljus welcomes various artists based in the Nordic region to apply for artistic residency between the 4-31 of July 2022. You will stay at Nordiska Folkhögskolan in Kungälv, Sweden, for one month during Nordiskt Ljus where you are invited to develop artistic work in relation to a chosen theme. 

Last summer we treated "RESISTANCE" and this year we will be treating the theme "POLARIZATION".

Why polarization?

Today we spend a large part of our time in the digital world where our news feeds sometimes look very different from one another. Grouping people after beliefs and opinions seem to also expand in the physical world. Do these walls we build make us blind to possible answers we could find in between them?

Kungälv, where Nordiska Folkhögskolan is located, is one of Sweden's largest hubs for right-extremist movements. Nordiskt Ljus aims to be a creative counterforce against these but this also raises questions about what defines good and evil. Are we overbuilding polarization by offering other definitions of the Nordic, or are we in fact contributing to an even more polarized society?

With the residency 2022 we invite artists to explore the question - what is "being polarized"? With the residency we'd like to encourage artists to take new approaches to the theme polarization and explore the relationship between two poles- and investigate what's between them. How to approach this theme is all up to you - your approach can be political or poetic, broad or specific, obvious or more vague.

What's included in the Residency?

- Free accommodation for a month

- Free meals 3 times per day 

- Travel costs to & from Kungälv

- A scholarship of 5000sek 

- Access to working spaces (desk spaces, studio spaces, classrooms, a library, sound recording rooms, computer programs and blackboxes)

- Supervision

- A showcase at the festivalweekend at Nordiskt Ljus 


- Above 18 years of age 

- Based in a Nordic country (you can be born wherever in the world) 

- Previous experience of independent artistic work (from Folkhögskola, university or through working experience)

- Being able to stay at the residency through out the whole month (exception can be made for people with children or similar). 

We ask you to present yourself in the application with a description of yourself, your work and aims with the residency. You can apply as a duo or a group. 

Last year, we received seven residency participants who worked on various artistic projects during the month. Some of them presented their work at the festival weekend which ends the whole month. We welcome you to do the same.











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