Colours of Being is a knowledge-sharing project with the intention of bringing young artists together across the borders of Scandinavia. The goal of our collaboration is the dissemination of knowledge & experience in the effort to promote gender equality and create opportunities for young artists of the Northern regions to explore these themes.

What defines gender? In what ways do the different countries seek to reach equalities between the different genders? How can we individually strive toward social sustainability in our everyday life? Thoughts like these bring both a lot of joy but also a lot of heavy emotions in people, which is why we will do our best to create a safe space and unravel the many questions in different forms of art.

Over the course of a year, young artists and organizers will arrange for 3 separate workshops, each lasting 3 days. During these days, we will all learn from different artists, such as actors, musicians, painters, etc., to connect our bodies and minds by exploring how we all experience the different circumstances surrounding the themes of the workshops. Often, when we work with our hands, it becomes easier to express ourselves and connect with others from different points of view - maybe it will even become easier to put these thoughts and feelings into words and artistic creations. All the workshops will result in an installation showing the products/performances the participants have created. These will work as pilot interventions that test the fabric of the workshop content.