Photo: Karoliina Gavrilov

Mathilda Kauppila (they/she) is a dance maker based in Finland.

They are fascinated by engaging their expertise in movement and body awareness into observing, sensing and designing social spaces, structures and dramaturgies. Their work has mainly taken place in the Eastern Finland (Kuopio, Joensuu, Kangasniemi) and has been supported by for example The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Regional Dance Centre of Eastern Finland and Jenny & Antti Wihuris Foundation.

Mathilda Kauppila studied dance, performance and movement research in The Norths Karelia College Outokumpu (2015-2017). Since then they have worked widely as performer, choreographer, community artist and movement educator.

Currently they are interested in resting, nesting, resonating and reflecting. These four themes emerged in their recent works mm it's like but umm you know ? (solo performance, 2022) and s o f t s h i f t s (performance installation, 2023). In these works they were busy with researching bodily co-regulation, solidarity and slowly shifting landscapes - the ways that we are bound together whether we want it or not. They find slowness, softness and play interesting ways to provoke and make change. Mathilda's practice is a mix of moving, reading, writing, wandering around and doing handcrafts on soft material (crochet, knitting, sewing by hand). Their choreographic process usually produces movement, poems, objects and texts. 



Picture: Jere Salonen

Rebecca Laube-Pohto is a Finnish dance artist, performer, choreographer and dance teacher. She's also co-founder and artistic director at Keskellä-collective. Rebecca holds a degree of Bachelor of Culture and Arts (2015) and studies in University of Lapland (Master of Arts).

Currently she works as a performer with choreographers Sari Palmgren, Yasen Vasilev, Mirva Mäkinen, Terhi Kuokkanen (Off/Balance) and as a performer and choreographer in Keskellä-collective and in other working groups. In addition to Nordic countries she has performed in Belgium, Portugal, India, Japan and Estonia. Rebecca teaches dance for dance professionals around Finland and facilitates workshops and performing events.

Currently in her choreographic work Rebecca is working with themes from body memory to her roots and to the ocean. She is highly interested in instant choreography, being in the present moment and connections between space and people.




Nordiskt Ljus welcomes artists based in the Nordic region to apply for our artistic residency program between 3-30 July 2023. The residency takes place at Nordiska folkhögskolan in Kungälv for one month, where you are invited to develop artistic work together and side by side with others. 

Kungälv, where Nordiska folkhögskolan is located, is one of Sweden's largest hubs for right-wing extremism. Nordiskt Ljus works as a counterforce to this, by examining artistic and human ways to resisting fascism and nationalism. By taking part of our residency program we wish you to explore ideas and concepts around this situation with us. How you interpret this is up to you - we encourage both explicit and non-explicit artistic relations to these themes. All art forms can apply.