July 12-16, 5 days

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of arts. The need is huge for both institutions and individual artists to make their work available to the audience in new ways. XR (Extended Reality) is the collective name for VR, AR and MR. More and more artists are testing the media. Nevertheless, the technology is still unexplored from an artistic perspective, it's development has been driven by technologists and not artists.

 "We have the stuff but not the content. Like having a TV but nothing of value to watch"

This course gives you an short introduction to XR media and is an opportunity to get acquainted with VR and 360 degree film. 360 degree film is the easiest way within XR to create art pieces that invites to interactivity with the audience, a way to be immersed in the artist's universe. During the course you will get the chance to making your own short script for filming a performance. You will learn about the process of recording a scene according to the praxis of Immersive cinematography and get to try a 360 camera to go through the process practically. 

Dates: July 12-16 (5 days)

Previous knowledge: You do not need any previous knowledge about XR. The course suits both students interested in film and students who work with other art forms. 

Costs: 1400 SEK including course fee, ackommodation and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 
If you do not wish to live at the school you pay a course fee of 200 SEK. 

If you live in another Nordic country than Sweden you receive a 15% discount on ackommodation and board!

Språk: Swedish/English adjusted to the group. 

Teacher: Gorki Glaser-Müller

Gorki Glaser-Müller is a film director and video artist based in Gothenburg. He came to Sweden from Chile as a thirteen-year-old and has a background as a professional actor. Since graduating from Academy of Valand, he has experimented with storytelling in various forms, in recent years with a strong focus on XR. Gorki has, among other things, made a VR experience of Damien Jalet's work Skid in collaboration with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and is currently working on the volumetric work Café Glaser-Müller, a Kulturbryggan-funded project in collaboration with the internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Bobbi Jene Smith. Gorki is also project manager for Narrative VR Lab at Visual Arena / Lindholmen Science Park, Västra Götaland's largest investment in new media. 

In addition to his work with XR, Gorki is working on the documentary Children of the Enemy (winner of the Malik Fund Grant in 2019). The film tells the dramatic story of the Swedish-Chilean grandfather Patricio Galvez's struggle to bring his grandchildren home from the refugee camp al-Hol, Syria, after their parents who joined IS were killed. The documentary premieres in mid-2021.