July 25-29. 5 days

The course focuses on the interplay between voice, body and movement to create space for your voice. Both inside the body, by releasing tension and making room for breathing, but also space in the form of a personal and creative exploration of your unique voice. This is to gain access to a wide range of expression possibilities. You will also get different tools and inputs for voice improvisation, based on your individual voice, and in interaction with others.

Previous knowledge: The course is aimed at those who have a background in theater or music, or have a different background and is curious about exploring your voice in interaction with your body.

Date: July 25-29 (5 days)

Language: Swedish and English if needed.


One course - 500 SEK (300 SEK with discount *)

Course + accommodation and meals at the school - 2,500 SEK (1,500 SEK with discount *)

* If you are a student, unemployed or low-income earner, you get a 40% discount! Enter promo code NL22 when you book your spot!

Course leader: Johanna Ståhl (SE)

Johanna works at the Academy of Music in Örebro, where she teaches acting, voice and pedagogy. She is educated at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg. Since 2013, she has immersed herself in the voice tradition of The Roy Hart Theater's method. This tradition is based on "the extended voice" which means a close interplay between voice, body and our psychological inner life of which the voice also is a part of. By broadening the expression and range of the voice, we can develop as human beings. Johanna Ståhl's input is that the voice is both part of our unique personal experiences and also an artistic tool with the possibility of a wide range of colors and expressions.

Foto: Anna Carin Isaksson
Foto: Anna Carin Isaksson