July 26-30. 5 days.

This course is about understanding your film vocation - and learning methods to find the spark that makes you a good film narrator. What is your passion? Who are you making films for? Why is your story important? These and other relevant questions will be the focus of the course where the filmmaker Aka Hansen teaches based on his experiences as a feminist, indigenous people, activist, mother and woman in the film world. 

The course mixes lectures and own work.

Dates: July 26-30 1 (5 days)

Course fee: 1400 SEK including course fee, accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch and evening meal). If you do not wish to stay at the school you pay a course fee of 200 SEK.

If you live in another Nordic country than Sweden you receive a 15% discount on ackommodation and board!

Language: Adjusted to the needs of the participants. Aka speaks Greenlandic, Danish and English.

Teacher: Aka Hansen (GL)

Aka Hansen was born in Aarhus in 1987 and has a Greenlandic mother and a Danish father. She has studied at the Danish alternative Super16 film school (2015-18) and has since 2007 made several acclaimed film productions in Greenland, such as the youth tv series "Inuusuttut Silarsuaat" ("Youngsters Universe"), the comedy "Hinnarik Sinnattunilu" and the thriller "Qaqqat Alanngui ". Since 2013, Aka runs her own film production company "Uilu" which works with the goal of producing more stories about indigenous people, about Greenland and its people.