July 4-31 (20 days)

Script for film and TV is a month-long course that mixes teaching on site and at a distance. The course consists of practical writing exercises, inspirational lectures and your own writing time where you as a participant are given tools to develop both idea and text. We go through dramaturgy, character development and linguistic approaches and talk about how you can pitch your idea for production companies and apply for funding. The aim of the course is that you will have the tools to be able to go from an idea to finished script for film or TV. 

Previous knowledge: The course is suitable for you who have a background in film, theater or writing and who are looking for methods, tools, time and guidance to develop an idea. You do not have to have a ready-made idea before the course starts, but to facilitate your own writing process, it may be a good idea to start thinking about what you would like to write. 


4-8 July: Teacher-led teaching on site

July 9-27: Own writing time with mentoring on zoom

 July 28-31: Teaching on site and the opportunity to read your WIP work the festival weekend

Cost: The course fee is SEK 800 (regular) or SEK 500 (discounted). 

You can then book accommodation & food on site for SEK 500 / SEK 300 per night. If you want to stay the whole month, it costs SEK 7,900 / SEK 5,500. 

This course is CSN eligible and festival pass is included in the course. 

Are you a student, unemployed or low-income earner? Enter the promotion code NL22 and you will receive 40% on course fee, accommodation & food!

Course leader: My Sandström (SE)

My Sandström has an education in film directing and production at Akademin Valand (Former Film Academy) at the University of Gothenburg 2009-2012. She made her directorial debut in 2008 with Förfluten ensamhet. In 2010, she won Startsladden at Göteborg Film Festival with Nudisten. She did Pappa kom fram in 2012 and Knuffen 2014. Some of the prize money from Nudisten was used to produce Kulturpengar 2015. With it she won the Tempo Short Award. In recent years, My has worked as a screenwriter at SVT and at production companies. My works in parallel with both fiction and documentaries. With this course, she hopes to be able to inspire writing that leads to a film or series that is actually going to be produced.