Our course "Your own Project" is suitable for you who want to work with your own artistic project throughout the month. You sign up for at least one other course from the program and the rest of the time you work on your own project. You have access to the school's premises subject to availability *. 

Application requirements: 

In the registration form, write briefly about what you will be working on. You must also register for at least 1 course from our course program.

Course fee: 

300 SEK course fee. Accommodation and food (breakfast, lunch and evening meal) for 300 SEK per day, 1500 SEK per week or 5500 SEK for all four weeks.

If you live in another Nordic country than Sweden you receive a 15% discount on ackommodation and board!

What is the difference between a course combo and your own project? 

The big difference is that in your own project you are expected to fill the time in between the courses with your own work. This is not a requirement if you choose a course combo. This also applies if you want to apply for CSN, as you need to be employed for at least three consecutive weeks. Contact us at for questions. 

* Please note that there is a high pressure on the studio, blackbox and operating room. However, there are plenty of classrooms and other spaces.