July 16-18. 3 days

Do you want to learn how to build interactive installations? Are you curious about the basics of programming?

In this course you are introduced to easy-to-use interactive technology and opportunities to intertwine it with art. The work tool of the course will be Arduino. It is (somewhat simplified) a small computer with various sensors used to interact with sound, light or moving image. It is cheap, beginner friendly and fun to use. HERE Arduino is presented through an exciting TED talk.

The course is suitable for curious and artists who are interested in creating installations where sound, light or moving images are affected through interactivity. Electronic musicians and theater technicians who are interested in programming and electronics will also benefit from the course.

The course is at beginner level and requires no prior knowledge. Afterwards, the participants will have created an understanding that makes it possible to continue working independently with Arduino in their own art field.

Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge required

Date: July 16-18 (3 days)

Language: Swedish, English


One course: 500 SEK (300 SEK with discount *)

Course + accommodation and meals at the school: 1,500 SEK (600 SEK with discount *)

* If you are a student, unemployed or low-income earner, you get a 40% discount! Enter promo code NL22 when booking your spot!

Course leader: Niklas Möller (SE)

Niklas Möller is an artist with a focus on interactive art, based in Gothenburg. He has created with Arduino in, among other things, the installation Om Hon Vore En Väderlek (Folkteatern Göteborg) and the interactive film A New Tree Grows (AHA! Festival and Gothenburg Fringe Festival). Niklas has a degree in programming from the University of Gothenburg where he researched the relationship between technology and art. He is also artistically educated at the London International School of Performing Arts.