July 30 - August 1, 3 days

or August 2 - August 5 4 nights

Welcome to a workshop in Gaga and Improvisation. A deep dive into Gagan's movement language to then further explore how we with the help of the method's different tools and qualities can find greater breadth and accessibility in our physical expression in dance. Both from an exploratory and from a performative perspective.

We will work individually, but also in communication with others, through various group improvisations and 'scores'. An opportunity to examine, reflect and express oneself through the body and dance. No previous knowledge of dance is required.

Gaga stems from the idea of ​​the movement's dynamic, healing and ever-changing power, developed by the Israeli Batsheva Dance Company's artistic director Ohad Naharin. The method gives us the opportunity to explore and discover the body's endless possibilities of movement, challenge our habits and habits while we come in contact with our senses and inner fantasies. Gaga opens up for listening to the body's own abilities, and exploring within a wide range of different textures, qualities and movements.

Weekend course: July 30 - August 1 (3 days)

Language: English / Swedish adapted to the course participants.

Location: Nordic Folk High School in Kungälv

Evening course: 2 August - 5 August (4 evenings, 18-21: 00) 

Language: English / Swedish adapted to the course participants.

Location: NOTE! This course is given at Kajskjul 46, Fiskhamnsvägen 43B, in Gothenburg. Nearest stop Chapmans Torg.

NOTE! Update! Due to illness, Jens Brøndum and Tanja Andersson will instead hold the course.

Course leader: Emma Rozgoni (SE)

Emma Rozgoni is based in Stockholm and works as a teacher, dancer and movement coach. She is a trained dancer at the Oslo Academy of the Arts (2009). After many years of exploration in the Gaga technique, with Ohad Naharin and Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, freelance in Amsterdam and Israel, and a year at the Gaga Teacher Program, Emma became a certified teacher in 2012. She has taught at GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, Kungliga Baletten , Cullbergbaletten, Skånes Dansteater, Iceland Dance Company, Teater- / Dansalliansen, Stockholm Konstnärliga Högskola (StDH), Iceland Academy of the Arts, etc .. Emma is also the initiator and co-creator of the Improvisations festival in Ytterjärna 'Metamorphosis- Improvisation and Movement Research Festival .