July 17 - 23 

In this course you will have the opportunity to create an audio walk together with others. At the end of the course, participants will have the opportunity to test their sketches in a smaller format during course weekends. The audio walk has an inherent potential to make us listen, see and move in the world in new ways. Through workshops, lectures and your own creation, you will get methods, tools and practical tools. Together we will investigate the relationship between sound, text and place. With inspiration from a performing arts perspective in the meeting with the participants' skills, we will talk about the audio walk's potential as a form in the borderland between fiction and surroundings. Based on the participants' specific areas and interests, we hope that the course will offer inspiration and knowledge to create new works.

Arrangements: The course will include lectures and both individual and joint work in groups. Most of the teaching takes place in the form of workshops where, based on the different parts, text, sound and location, we will do different types of exercises. Participants will work creatively with text, recording and location. The hope is that after the course the participants will have basic tools for writing, recording and cutting to create their own audio walks. Participants will have access to technology for recording, binaural recording and editing.

Bring: All technology is available on the course, but you need your own computer for writing.

Previous knowledge: The course is aimed at those who have some form of artistic practice and is suitable for those who have not previously worked with audio walks.

Date: July 17 - 23 (7 days)

Language: Swedish, English


Course fee single course- SEK 550 (low-income earners SEK 350)

Course package - SEK 850 (low-income earners SEK 550)

*If you are a student, job seeker or other low-income earner, use the code NL23 when you book

Course leaders: Johanna Karlsson and Theodor Ryan (SE)

The course is led by Johanna Karlsson and Theodor Ryan. They both have a bachelor's degree in Conceptual Performing Arts from Theater College in Malmö. Together, they have, among other things, made Visby walk, an audio walk that was played in Visby during the summer and autumn of 2021. Most recently, they were current with In the mood, an audio experience for two people, which premiered on Nordisk Panorama in autumn 2022. Johanna Karlsson works interdisciplinary in the field of performing arts and, in addition to audio walks, has done several site-specific projects. She has a background in writing for the stage and often explores alternative ways of working with text in performing arts. Theodor Ryan works in the field of performing arts. She has an interest in how artistic processes can look and often works playfully with technology and different media on stage.