July 4-31 + own work. CSN-eligible. 

"Dolls, Masks & Objects On Stage" is an artistic exploration where the participant seeks new forms for the stage. With the course, we investigate how the actor's task can expand to extend beyond their own body. We work with masks, dolls, bodies, representatives, objects, shadows and rooms. We try to loosen the boundaries of the stage design and seek the space that gives maximum freedom for our meeting with an audience.

During the course you will meet active artists, actors and theaters who work with puppets, objects & masks. They all put their individual stamp on the teaching and contribute to you as a participant getting multifaceted tools and perspectives on shaping.

Previous knowledge: The course is aimed at those who are artistically interested and who are not afraid to see and be seen. You can consider yourself an actor, visual artist, filmmaker or photographer. The course works performatively, so it is important that you want and are comfortable with meeting and working with audiences. You do not need to have previous experience of working with dolls, masks or objects, but it can be easier for you if you have previous artistic education from folk high school or college.


Confirmed dates & workshops: 

July 11-12: Digital meeting followed by self studies until course start on site

July 4-7: Sara Bexell (SE) from Dockteatern Tittut teaches about how to bring dead objects to life. 

July 8-10: Elisabeth Heilmann Blind (GL) teaches about Greenlandic mask dance & free movement. 

13-17 juli: Schedule will come shortly!

July 18-22: Annemie Twardawa (DE) from performance collective Lovefuckers is holding a course

July 23-29: Schedule coming soon!

29-31 juli: Nordiskt Ljus festival weekend. (Possible to show WIP-work)

Obs! The course is not meant to be combined with other courses. It is possible to attend a weekend course 22-24 of July if you are fine with working many days in a row. You need to be available all through out 4-31st of July.


Ordinary: Just the course fee: SEK 800

Discounted *: Just the course fee: SEK 500

Course fee + accommodation & food all month: SEK 8,700

Course fee + accommodation & food all month: SEK 6,000

The course is CSN-eligible!

*Applies to students, unemployed or low-income earners. Enter the promotional code NL22 to access the lower price!

Language: Swedish, English



"How do you bring dead things like objects and puppets to life? 

In my course, the focus will shift from: What can I do with the object / doll to what can the OBJECT do. It is a course in technique but also a training of the imagination. We want to convey a (perhaps) new way of looking at objects and all dead things in our reality. A course that wants to inspire and create knowledge about an art form that likes to mix with other stage expressions but also has a unique value. " 

Sara is a trained puppet player at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London 2004-2007 and has since worked at the Royal Opera, Dramaten, but above all at the Puppet Theater Tittut. She has toured with various performances around Europe and Sweden with Stockholm as a base. Sara has held several basic courses in puppetry, most recently on the mime line at SKH. She is passionate about puppet theater as an art form in all possible contexts and for different target groups.


"Uaajerneq" Greenlandic mask dance, is the oldest known dramatic form of expression in Inuit culture. The tradition, which has probably existed for 3 - 4000 years, in its mask dance form has its origins in old mimic songs from East Greenland. In the mask dance, the dancer strives to eliminate its own self and reach a state of being, where the boundaries between human - animal, female - male are broken. The mask dancer operates between 3 dimensions: the human, the animal and the spirit world. The course will place great emphasis on the creative learning process of dance and the work of finding the specific primordial power of each participant."

Elisabeth is originally from Sisimiut in Greenland, but has lived in northern sweden for 33 years. She was educated as an actress at the Tukak Theater in Denmark 1983-1988, of which two years studies were in Butoh Dance and Noh Theater in Japan. Elisabeth works as a freelance actress and a mask dancer. She now also teaches with her workshops in Liberating Dance and Greenlandic Mask Dance all over Scandinavia, Greenland and other parts of the world. She also lectures in various contexts within dance and health.. Elisabeth has been working at Giron Sami Teahter and has worked in a number of different theaters, also in Greenland, as a freelancer.



"The truth - the environment as we see it is our imagination will be the subject of this Workshop. Following the principle "form follows function," we will discover and explore different existing (and not yet existing) forms of puppet theatre, performance and object theatre as a pool of techniques to creatively express the untold, absurd, complex and ambiguous on a theatre stage. We will also experiment with a hybrid of theatre and camera on stage as another method of creating different levels of truth and imagination."

Annemie Twardawa studied acting and puppetry in Buenos Aires, Argentina and at the theatre school "Ernst Busch" in Berlin, Germany. Since 2012 she has been a member of the performance company called LOVEFUCKERS, founded by the punk rock puppeteer artists Anna Menzel and Ivana Sajević. The group is well-known for their unique style of combining music, video, puppets, performance and elements of documentary. They have played in concert halls and strip clubs as well as in theatres and at art festivals. LOVEFUCKERS follow a simple goal: to search for love in the depths - where everything is sick, dark and rotten - to give glamour to all this shit. Members of the Lovefuckers collective use eclectic performative means to escape from the present state of the world.