Photo: Anna Drvnik
Photo: Anna Drvnik

July 19-23i. 5 days..


Different Paths is a genre-independent songwriting course led by Mattias Björkas. Together we explore both modern and ancient approaches, techniques and working methods for composition and song writing. How can you in your own writing apply ideas from completely different musical traditions? In what ways can you use material that is beyond what you would normally listen to or read, even things that you perceive as irrelevant, boring and bad? 

The course consists of seminars, writing assignments and feedback sessions. All genres are welcome, but it is important that you have what you need to be able to write on the mountain. There are instruments available to some extent, but feel free to bring your own equipment. The course is suitable for you who have some experience of songwriting.

Dates: July 19-23. 5 days. 

Cost: SEK 1,400 including course fee, accommodation and food. If you do not live and eat at the school, you pay a course fee of SEK 200. 

Language: The course is taught in Swedish, but the teacher can give feedback on texts written in Norwegian, Danish and Finish too. 

Do you live in another Nordic country? Then you are given 15% on accommodation & food!

Teacher: Mattias Björkas (FI)

Mattias Björkas is a musician, songwriter and front figure in the band Vasa's Flora & Fauna. The band debuted in 2015 with the critically acclaimed album Släkt med Lotta Svärd and has since released the albums Veneziansk afton (2017) and Möte med skogsgardisterna (2020), all praised by the critics. Mattias has also published the book "Vasa's flora and fauna's atlas" together with the photographer Thomas Ekström, an alternative atlas of Österbotten in Finland.