July 26-30 5 days

- Free expression within your voice


The goal with the course is for you to be challenged, inspired and develop your skills by stepping out of your comfort zone and getting to know yourself on a deeper level. You will be given tools to understand how the voice works and what your individual qualification is. If you mix creativity and mental training, you get a good recipe for a fantastic week! 

The teaching is based on CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) where we start from the anatomy to understand how the body and voice are connected. The course will include interactive lecture sections mixed with master classes, where you will be taught in front of the group. You will receive challenges and individually based exercises to match you and your voice. No previous knowledge required. There is no requirement for performance here, the focus is on learning and development. 

Come as you Are. "Perfect is boring".

Date: 26-30 july, 5 days

Cost: SEK 1,400 including course fee, accommodation and food. If you do not live and eat at the school, you pay a course fee of SEK 200.

Language: The course is taught in Swedish but the teacher also understands English.

Do you live in another Nordic country? Then you are given 15% on accommodation & food!

Teacher: Marta Parkman (SE)

Marta Parkman is one of Sweden's authorized CVT educators. She is educated at the Complete Vocal Institute (CVI), which is Europe's largest singing institute for full and semi-professional singers. As a singing and voice educator she offers technology based on research on anatomy and physiology. "When we know which organs do what, we can easily add two and two to achieve the desired "sound". She has taught at Academy of Music and Drama (University of Gothenburg), the Ballet Academy's professional line for musical artists and at Performing art school. She works with all genres and styles with effects such as distortion, growl and shallow, improvisation and interpretation. Marta also works with lectures, she coaches performances, ensembles and choirs.