NORDISKT LJUS is a meeting place and cultural explosion for art and cultural practitioners in the Nordic region

NORDISKT LJUS is a creative counterforce against the far-right movements that claim the Nordic concept

NORDISKT LJUS is organized at and by the Nordic Folk High School in the summer of 2023 with a program consisting of courses, residency and festival.


In the Nordic countries and Europe, far-right forces are gaining more and more ground, where they often claim the Nordic concept. We want to counteract that development! We believe that the Nordic concept can be used to contribute to meetings, understanding and insights in the world at large. We also believe that the creative encounter between people is one of the best remedies for divisions and conflicts - and that public education plays a central role in this. Welcome to participate!

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The Nordic Folk High School is located in Kungälv and welcomes students from several Nordic countries every year. The school has course specializations in film, photography, theatre, image, writing and music as well as related general courses. Currently, approximately 200 students study at the school.

The school was founded in 1947 with the purpose of creating a meeting place for young people where they could meet across national, social and opinion boundaries after a time of war, totalitarian regimes and closed borders in the Nordics and Europe.

NORDISKT LJUS arrangeras av Nordiska Folkhögskolan som varje år välkomnar elever från flera
nordiska länder på våra halv- och helårskurser inom film, foto, teater, bild, skrivande och musik.

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