Do you want to take several courses? Maybe spend a whole month at folk high school this summer? You can combine any number of courses into your very own course package and then receive a reduced course fee. 

If you attend a total of at least 15 course days, you can apply for CSN. You can combine courses in your individual course combo to cover enough days. You can freely combine courses, but you cannot take two courses that run at the same time. So keep an extra eye on the actual dates!

Do you have questions about course combinations or any other questions regarding courses? Email and we will help you in the best way we can!


Course combo: 850 SEK (550 SEK reduced price). Unlimited amount of courses included.

Accommodation and food:

1 day: 550 SEK (350 SEK reduced)

The whole month: 6000 SEK

To access the reduced price, enter NL23 as the promo code. This applies to both course registration and accommodation. Reduced price applies to students, unemployed or low-income earners!

Examples of course combos 2023:

Note! These are just suggestions. You can combine the courses as you like, as long as they don't run exactly at the same time!

Painting & Photography (15 days)

- Analog photography

- Art & Activism 

- Clothes meet sculpture

Music (20 days)

- Music production & Song writing

- Roy Hart - Song beyond music

- Guitar Camp

- Song interpretation & Stage presence

Theatre (16 days)

- Roy hart - Song beyond music

- Viewpoints - Improvisation & devising

- IFT - Stage presence or Dance & movement research

- IFT - Longforms


Writing Drama (20 days, 5+3 at school)

Individual Artistic Project (20 days, both distance and at school)

Music production & song writing (5 days)


Roy Hart - Song beyond music (5 days)

Analog Photography (5 days)

Film activism (5 days)


Viewpoints - Improvisation & devising (5 days)

Guitar camp (5 days)

Art & Activism (5 days)

Improvisation Field Technique 1 (weekend)

Dance & movement research (weekend)


Clothes meet sculpture (7 days)

Song interpretation & stage presence (7 days)

Short format Fiction writing (7 days)

Breaking the waves (7 days)

Improvisation Field Technique 2 (5 days)