Welcome to Nordic Light on a summer course! You can choose to take one course, or combine several courses into a course combo. One course costs SEK 550/350 (full price/discounted) and a course combination with an unlimited number of courses costs SEK 850/550 (full price/discounted). At least 15 course days give you the opportunity to apply for CSN. You cannot take two courses that run exactly at the same time. 

When a course is full, you can sign up for the waiting list in Billetto, and you will be notified when a spot is available. You book accommodation separately under the "Book accommodation" tab. 

We look forward in seeing you!


Writing Drama (20 days,  5+3 at school)
Individual Artistic Project (20 days, both distance and at school)
Music production & song writing (5 days)


Roy Hart - Song beyond music (5 days)
Analog Photography (5 days)
Film activism (5 days)


Viewpoints - Improvisation & devising (5 days)
Guitar camp (5 days)
Art & Activism (5 days)
Improvisation Field Technique 1 (weekend)
Dance & movement research (weekend)


Clothes meet sculpture (7 days)
Song interpretation & stage presence (7 days)

Short format Fiction writing (7 days) 

Breaking the waves (7 days) 

Improvisation Field Technique 2 (5 days)

The course fee is not refundable, but you can cancel food & accommodation up to 24 hours before arrival.

NORDIC LIGHT is organized by the Nordic Folk High School, which every year welcomes students from several Nordic countries to our half- and full-year courses in film, photography, theater, visuals, writing and music.

Read more about the school and apply here!