July 12 - August 8 2021

NORDISKT LJUS is a one month cross-disciplinary venue for creatives in the Nordic region.

NORDISKT LJUS is a creative force against the right extremist movements who are trying overtake the Nordic term for own purposes.

NORDISKT LJUS is arranged by Nordiska Folkhögskolan and will take place during the summer of 2021, with a summer course program, artist residencies and a festival. 


All over the Nordics and in Europa, right-extremist movements are spreading where they often are trying to overtake the Nordic term. We want to prevent this development! We believe that the Nordic term can be used to create encounters and comprehensions that can be used to understand the world in its whole. We also believe that creative meetings are one of the best cures for conflicts - and that education play a central part in this. You are very welcome to participate!


Nordiska Folkhögskolan is located in Kungälv, Sweden and every year we welcome students from many Nordic countries. The school offers courses within film, photography, theatre, art, writing and music as well as high school qualifying courses. Approximately 200 students study at the school today. 

The school was founded in 1947 after a time with war, totalitarian regimes and closed boarders in the Nordics and Europe. It was created to offer a meeting point for young people where you could meet beyond national and social boarders. 

NORDISKT LJUS is arranged by Nordiska Folkhögskolan that welcome students to courses in film, photo, theater,
visual arts, writing and music. The length of the courses vary from one term to a whole year.

Read more about the school and apply here!